THC Sprays are an oral spray alternative to smoking cannabis

THC / CBD Sprays taste great, are easy to use and leave a pleasant smell. THC /CBD Spray patients are finding a new and safer way to medicate with medical cannabis — Discrete, Fast & Effective. The sprays also come in 3 different sizes.

THC / CBD Sprays will mimic the feel of smoking Cannabis if you follow our directions correctly. 8 to 12 sprays, two at a time, over a five minute period, do not swallow, and in an hour it will feel as if you just smoked a joint. Unlike smoking, these THC / CBD Sprays will last over a three to four hour period!

There are three sizes of  THC / CBD Sprays. There is a 3 mL size that holds 75 mgs of THC  that delivers THREE complete doses of 25 mgs of THC. There is a 5 mL size that holds 125 mgs  of THC  that delivers FIVE complete doses of 25 mgs of THC.  There is a 10 mL size that holds 250 mgs of THC  that delivers TEN complete doses of 25 mgs of THC.  One spray pump delivers 3 milligrams of THC to your oral mucosal membrane.  Six to eight  sublingual sprays under the tongue or on the inside of your cheek equals one complete 25 mg dose of THC.

Spray twice under your tongue or on your cheek but DO NOT SWALLOW and then wash it around with the tip of your tongue, its delicious. Repeat this up to 10 or 12 times depending on tolerance over the next few minutes, as many times as needed to effect.

THC / CBD Sprays works if you give it a chance. Heavy chronic smokers will do well by our THC / CBD Sprays™ by trying it first thing in the morning, before smoking. It honestly does enhance the cannabis and extend the time and effects. Then just use a few sprays throughout the day to maintain your dosage levels. It works, try it as directed.

Lighter people go light, 200+ lbs will need more. Titration, (dosage control) there’s that word again, is easy with THC / CBD Sprays™.

Deep breathing, much like a hit when smoking,  activates the THC in suspension which carries the active THC component. The CBD’s & CBN’s are also simultaneously assimilated sublingually. Its effective if you do this correctly and follow directions. Try it first before judging it.
Thank You.

Spray responsibly!