THC Sprays


Twelve Dose Size – 250 mg THC /8 mgs CBD/14mgs CBN

Six Dose Size – 125 mg THC /4 mgs CBD / 7 mgs CBN

One dose is 20 mgs of THC +/- depending on weight and what you ate.

 “CONVIENIENT” - THC SPRAYS™ liquid form allow patients to use their medication anytime, anywhere. A couple of quick sprays under the tongue and or to the inside of your cheek and you’re done!

“SMOKE FREE!” – THC SPRAYS™ allows you to maintain cannibinol levels without having to smoke anything. THC SPRAYS™ taste refreshingly great, are easy to administer, they work as intended and their use is discrete in public and safe to use around other people. No second hand smoke!

Self-Dosing –  THC SPRAYS™ are the perfect way to self-medicate with Cannabis correctly without fear of unwanted smells, side effects or even a slight uncomfortable overdose. When you have reached your proper dosage and you are comfortable… you automatically stop. THC SPRAYS™ do not create a craving for more, only for the level you need, nothing more. Its perfect.

Smoke FREE with THC Sprays™  “I can go smoke FREE today”

• Smoking is inconvenient and illegal in many public places.
• Continually inhaling burning hemp to medicate can’t be good.
• THC SPRAYS™ are extremely discreet.
• THC SPRAYS™ are easy to travel with, take no bud or pipe with you!

THC Sprays™ are made from California’s finest organically grown Cannabis tops picked at their peak of potency and ripeness. These hand picked tops are then infused into a proprietary blend of organic alcohol, Kosher glycerine and locally harvested honey to yield a potent blend of high grade THC and CBDs  in a convenient, tasty, easy to use spray form. Our sprays are alcohol Free!

THC Green Caps

THC Cooking Oil


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