Enjoy More by Smoking Less!

lajollaSmoking cannabis is the easiest and quickest way of medicating. Smoking was also the most effective way to control dosage, hence its popularity. Now, with the advent of lab tested THC Sprays, there is another way to effectively medicate without all the smoke and ashes.

Are you smoking more cannabis and not getting the level or quality of medication you want, need or are used to?

Do you want to cut down your inhaling of hemp and at the same time intensify & extend your cannabis you do smoke?

THC infused sublingually (mouth spray) that tastes great and will reduce your need to chronically smoke cannabis throughout the day.

Consistency of dosage has always been the challenge with cannabis medication. This consistency & control of dosage is called titration. Now with THC Sprays comes a whole new way of proper dosage and never an overdose. THC Sprays are clean, effective, fast acting and discrete. They are bottled in 3 different pocket sizes, a 75 mg, 3 dose size, a 125 mg, 5 dose size and our 250 mg, 10 dose size spray atomizer. Each of our THC Sprays are designed to alleviate the urge to smoke all day.  Proper dosage depends on what you weigh and what you ate. This is the beauty and ease of self-titration with THC Sprays.


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