Enhance your Cannabis with THC Sprays

3sprays 2sprays 4spraysCannabis Helper  The tag line patients have given our  THC Sprays. This post is about enhancing the effects and intensity of cannabis thereby reducing a persons need to smoke all day attempting to maintain cannabidioal levels. The point of this article is to offer alternatives, options and the freedom of choice to medicate as you and your Doctor see fit for you personally.

During initial stages of developing our THC Sprays for patients, our test subjects reported THC sprays enhancing the intensity of cannabis a person may be smoking. They also reported they were smoking less to arrive at a comfortable dosage level. If they had a THC Spray with them during the day they were able to comfortably and discretely ( in public ) administer a simple, tasty THC Spray anywhere.  THC Sprays were quick and easy, all without feeling the urge to constantly smoke something throughout the day. Your Cannibinoid levels will stay the same, just the inhalation of cannabis is reduced throughout the day with THC Sprays.

A few THC Sprays will not get you high but our THC Sprays will maintain your THC level and this is the secret. Smokers will benefit from both the enhancement and the extension of the high time THC Sprays provide. Chronic smokers are sometimes the only ones disappointed with their results because they don’t follow directions. Try using a full 20 to 30 mgs dose ( exactly as per instructions ) in the morning before you blaze anything. See how long one or two puffs of your cannabis last then. It does intensify the high and it does extend and maintain the time high,… if sprayed every 1/2 hour or so throughout your day. It has worked for heavy chronic smokers. THC Sprays have not shown a tendency to be abused.


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