Cannabis to treat Autism… above all others medications that were prescribed and tried,.. proved extremely effective in mitigating the extremes of our sons Autism affliction. I developed this particular formula over a 14 year trial & error search for a palatable way to medicate my Autistic son with a tasty cannabis medicine he would accept.

The initial problem was our son hated the taste or even the hint of cannabis and he would not eat that food for months. Even his favorite chocolate chip peanut butter cookies made with the powered essence of cannabis did not fool him. He could taste it. He did every single time. He was never fooled with that particular food again. Absolutely Autistically inflexible in this.

Making a Cannabis spray taste good was a challenge. Making it taste interesting enough for a second chance with him was daunting. I had to come up with an ever changing way to keep him interested. Macerating natural flavors through fresh botanicals were our salvation! Fresh herbs & fruit allowed our THC spray to taste like Blueberries, Vanilla, Chocolate, Cherries, a new Grand Marne flavor, even an Irish Creme. Yum! Many more flavors in the works. Let us know what you like on our feedback Blog