thcdogThe quest for an easy and effective way to make a tasty palatable cannabis medicine for my Autistic son that he would accept was spread over 15 years of development.

Administering cannabis in food was extremely difficult to control the dosage and it tasted like barn yard food. Peanut butter and chocolate did not work. Reducing it to an essence powder still imparted a barnyard grassy taste to the end product. Not only could my son taste it but I also became hyper aware of the taste. We had the best cooks in the world try and disguise the taste of cannabis but my son would not be fooled. Autistics often develop a hyper-sensitivity to something they don’t like. Sound, smells, foods and certainly tastes.

Only by reducing the contaminate in the grown product before harvesting and reducing cannabis to its refined essence could I hope to make an edible palatable and tasty for my son. This current formula has been refined over 12+ years now. I was the test subject first and I reduced by half any amount I gave to him. The end game here was effect without intoxication. He hated being intoxicated with edibles. There was no way to fine control the dose, called – Titration.

THC Sprays and their ease of use:
Ever try and give medicine to an uncooperative adult? An adult that flatly refuses to ever swallow a pill. THC Sprays has just recently made the breakthrough to direct palatability to our son. We have always had to disguise the dose in orange juice even in its essence form. With THC Sprays we can directly titrate him gently without drama just before heading out the door. If he pitches a fit in the grocery store, one or two discrete sprays will at least get him up off the floor. Our son is larger, stronger and faster than my wife & I.

Autism has become a worldwide affliction and is spreading. The large pharmaceutical companies are quick to point out it was not from anything they have been serving up. Are they really any different than big tobacco in their articles, ads and well financed denials to deflect responsibilities? Genetics often raises it debilitating head in pharmaceutical company finger pointing tactics but folks,.. you cannot have a genetic epidemic, its impossible. Autism is from poisoning, slowly, pervasively, consistently from heavy metals like Mercury, Aluminum and other chemicals which are compiling in our bodies from food, medicine and even the air we now breathe. Over time and generations this accumulation of toxic poisons will accrue in our progeny.

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