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Smoke Free & Discrete

THC /CBD Spray patients are finding a new and safer way to medicate with medical cannabis — Discrete, Fast & Effective. THC / CBD Sprays taste great, are easy to use and leave a pleasant smell. Dosage Control, Titration, when you have reached your proper dosage and you are comfortable… you automatically stop. THC / CBD Sprays do not create a craving for more, only for the level you need, nothing more. It’s perfect.

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Enhance Your Cannabis!

THC / CBD Sprays maintain your cannibinoid levels without continually needing to smoke more. THC / CBD Sprays help cut down on the smoking of cannabis and definitely extends and enhances the cannabis you do smoke. You will smoke less and your valuable Cannabis will last longer, saving you money.
Buy and try THC / CBD Sprays today!

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Quality Unsurpassed

Each batch of THC / CBD Sprays are tested by a premier state of the art laboratory specifically staffed and equipped with the latest in technology to bring our Co-Op members the finest in Cannabis medicine. Our Cannabis is grown orgainically ensuring quality methods are used with no herbicides or chemicals added, applied or allowed.

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Patient participation rewards program: Become a volunteer representative for THC / CBD Sprays and earn rewards on leads, referrals and all purchases you make for our products. Sign up for our Rewards program and earn credits, up to 8.5 %, for any leads or referrals you send us or purchases you make.

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